Overdue! These Are storyboards!

So I took off from doing some art stuff over my winter break to make money…..le sigh. But I’m back in school mode and so much is going on. Here’s the storyboards for my upcoming junior film. This is an insane film because it can only be 2 minutes long and I’m working with characters whom I love and want to work more with in the future. It went through many incarnations, and the last one (the one I’m doing) I feel encompasses each pass. Though I do believe the first version had the sentimentality and darkness I really wanted, but was to long. And as soon as I figured a way to chop it down I already was busy at work on the newest version. On the back burner though, I can always make it later! A

Anywho….here’s the boards that I’m quite proud of! I went for a Simpsons meets Ren and Stimpy/Spongebob-y vibe. 





I have to thank my storyboarding teacher Elliot Cowan (check out his site http://www.elliotelliotelliot.com/) and Sherm Cohen’s storyboarding dvds…..interesting, the guys who helped me most have almost identical last names. Spooky. Check out Sherm’s stuff at cartoonsnap.blogspot.com/ and storyboardsecrets.com/blog/

I have so much more to post, so this’ll do for now! 





















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