An Animated Logo and More Practice Inking

Here is a logo I animated for a studio we had to create for ourselves in class. I actually like the title of Ski Studio, since I take pride in the Polish in my crappy body. All in all, I like the wonky designs of the characters, there’s something a little off on each one, which I personally like. It gives them each a personality. I tried to design each one a little diffferent because i didn’t want just three boring walk cycles. So each got there own. This piece was all done in after effects:

And here are some more inking practices from John K’s characters Slap n’ Ernie. The top one is the first I did in Illustrator a few days ago, and the bottom is my second attempt at them in Illustrator. I “gave up” on Photoshop just because the line weight is nicer in Illustrator, but I’m goign to force myself to try Photoshop more and more.

I like the tickness on the heads, but the shirts don’t match that so it gives an uneven feel.

The second attempt has WAY more life and a non static image feel to it. I thin kthe character on the right turned out very good, but the left’s top version has a much more vibrant and heavy line that the second lacks, though the inner details of him are more on target. These practices are very helpful because I see what I need to change.

Gonna do this picture one more time before I move onto a more detailed image.


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