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An animatic and a loving tribute

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Here is an animatic for a piece in 2d class. It’s going to be animated in flash, my first real venture into it, and I already hate the inking system 🙂 My very talented friend, Aleson Ho (check out her beautiful work at designed the cute little bean guy and we had to do a tiny 30 second to 1 minute long piece with the character.

The top left is her original drawings, so nice aren’t they? I saw his big jiggley butt, and his sad bean face and I knew instantly that this bean could not be happy! So I went for a mix of my own expressiony style as well as her constantly adorable style. When I emulate other people’s drawings I normally aim to be a little off model just so my personality sneaks in. Below is the rough animatic I pieced together that I like. It has all the elements of classic comedy that I adore: happy go lucky character  a’ la Chaplin, who just wants a good day, only for it to go horribly wrong! This piece has some very nice timing and I’m thrilled to begin work on it!

And on a sad note….my wonderful, amazing, stupid, hilarious, adorable dog Stewie died last night. He died in his sleep next to my Dad with the family back home. It kills me to know I wasn’t there to see him off, and it was out of the blue cause he was only 6. Kidney infection that got to bad to fast. He’s in my heart forever, right now I don’t have time to really draw a picture of him, but I found this picture I love of us. Another tribute picture I draw will be put up later. But enjoy his amazingness in these real life photos


An Animated Logo and More Practice Inking

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Here is a logo I animated for a studio we had to create for ourselves in class. I actually like the title of Ski Studio, since I take pride in the Polish in my crappy body. All in all, I like the wonky designs of the characters, there’s something a little off on each one, which I personally like. It gives them each a personality. I tried to design each one a little diffferent because i didn’t want just three boring walk cycles. So each got there own. This piece was all done in after effects:

And here are some more inking practices from John K’s characters Slap n’ Ernie. The top one is the first I did in Illustrator a few days ago, and the bottom is my second attempt at them in Illustrator. I “gave up” on Photoshop just because the line weight is nicer in Illustrator, but I’m goign to force myself to try Photoshop more and more.

I like the tickness on the heads, but the shirts don’t match that so it gives an uneven feel.

The second attempt has WAY more life and a non static image feel to it. I thin kthe character on the right turned out very good, but the left’s top version has a much more vibrant and heavy line that the second lacks, though the inner details of him are more on target. These practices are very helpful because I see what I need to change.

Gonna do this picture one more time before I move onto a more detailed image.

Illustrations and practice

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So here it is, a dump of art and practice. School is in session still and can you believe I have NOTHING to show you of animation? I can. My school is terrible and I made a bad choice, but I can’t just sit here and stew about it. So I’ve decided to do my own teachins from the wonderful blogs out there made by my favorite artists. So here’s a quick illustration dump!

Below is an illustration I made for a good friend’s birthday, we call him Devo Pug!

Below is a failed attempt to make a Halloween comic everyday of the week until Halloween but work got to be a little much, but I got two done so I’m fine with that! These were all done strictly digital. No pencil sketch before hand (which is what I prefer) but it was an experiment to do VERY fast comics with loose simple characters.


And in order to better understand line width and Illustrator and Photoshop inking principles I’ve decided to use pencil sketches from cartoonist’s who have influenced me and ink over them digitally. I’m hoping that by doing this I will get faster at inking, because right now that’s the bit that’ll slow me down. I used images from John K’s blog and an inking template from Sher Cohen’s (two people I highly recommend checking out and Soon I’ll be experimenting with my own brushes.

This one was done in Illustrator:

I think this was the better of the two. Illustrator and Photoshop are there own entities, I find that Illustrator gives a little more stiffness to the drawing, but I can work that out with practice. The boy on the right’s elbow is to jagged for a John K drawing though. IF YOU WORK WITH ILLUSTRATOR I WOULD ADVISE YOU TO OVERSHOOT THE LINES.

And this is the one done in Photoshop:

I like Photoshop’s inking, taht’s the program tha twill just take me longest. I’ve read lots of different things about how people digitally ink. Many perfer Photoshop to Illustrator and vice versa. I find both to have their own qaulities, Photoshop gives me more control of the curve in the line, but Illustrator’s line weight is far greater. It depends on what you’re looking for really. John K seems to really put emphasis on line weight, so Illustrator is the best for his work, but I won’t rest til it can get done in Photoshop too!

Until next time!


My Inking Template

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My Inking Template