School’s in Session. Here’s some bad stuff and some good

Hey everyone, it’s that time of year again. The time for school where my self esteem hits zero and I realize I have no artistic talent! YEAH EDUCATION! Here’s a few projects we’ve been working on. The first is a cut out puppett of myself rapping, I enjoy the rap and few of the motions in it, I’m still playing around with after effects, gotta watch a few tutorials soon when I have the time, so I want to go back and redo or tighten this up in a bit. I’m not a major fan of cut outs, but for some reason I found this kind of fun, so I’m thinking I might just do a Jib-Jab-y short short in the near future.

These are a few clown chicken scratch doodles I threw together in the early morn’ when I hated everything I did for the piece above! The rough sketchy quality shows a lot of life and I really dug it, so again, in the near future, I’m thinking to do some short comics with him…..though I do have a use for him in a bigger story…..



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