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Some animation links and an Inking

Posted in Uncategorized on January 7, 2011 by frankgidlewski

Just some stuff to throw up here. The bear from last time, just inked, which I think looks a little better, want to go back at some point and rework the color. But for now I like the line work.

And here are some links to some animation I did this year. The lip sync one (the first of the links) might be my favorite and the one I’m most proud of




Old But New

Posted in Uncategorized on January 5, 2011 by frankgidlewski

So things have been super busy, but no one checks this blog out really anyway, soooooooooo, I only feel half guilty for not having given any updates.

In other news, winter break is going on and after some much needed sleep catch up, I think I’m back in the game. Just got a new cintiq and I love it. Now all I do is play with it, I had an old drawing from last year that I did in colored pencil that I really enjoy. I think the face of the bear character is the best. I inked it in digitally and tried for the first time coloring in photoshop. As you can see……it turned out horrid. I’m gonna go back and use a digital painting program and see what happens. For now, enjoy these bad boys (cause they are bad) and once my computer feels like actually letting me upload some animations those will come too.

The one above is colored pencil and digital inking, which turned out to be really cool, I’m thinking of doing some more projects like that. Mixes hands on and digital. I like it. The one below is all digital……not proud of it. I REALLY need to work on color.

Stay tuned for more blogs! Gonna do one about comics soon!