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Yo Dogs Project! A Success Thanks to a Lovely Lady

Posted in Uncategorized on November 3, 2010 by frankgidlewski

So new updates in a while because of being busy with school, a job, and these side projects that I hope see the light of day! One of the few projects on the side has seen the light of though! A delicious hot dog resturant called “Yo Dogs” recently hired me to paint some fun 50’s style tattoo designs and cartoons on their new resturant’s walls. Now…..if you know me….I’m not great at painting. At all. So being the semi-business man I am, I said yes to the job and immediatly hired a dear friend, Bridget McEnerney, who is an amazing artist in all fields of art! She can do anything! And fix anything! Thanks to her this project was a success! We double-teamed on the designs and while I layed down some basic layers of paint she went crazy and made these things look pro! So, the first time, I present to the world a Gidlewski success story-ish!


The Hot Dog character layout


The beautiful pinup layout by Bridget

Mom Tattoo layout


She works like a bear

I work unshowered, chubby and greasey


Finished Mom Tattoo!

Finished Anchor Tattoo!

Finished Banner

The Tastiest Hot Dog in the World

The final amazing product from Bridget


And to the victors go the spoils…



We had a super great time doing this and I hope to keep doing great side projects like this with great people like Bridget and the owners of Yo Dogs. Stay tuned for more posts to slowly come your way….