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One of my new favorite shows that everyone needs to watch next Season!

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If you missed the glory of Louis C.K’s new television show “Louie” then you are a fool! A somber fool! The show is brilliant. C.K. takes moments of his life and makes them outlandish, mixing the show with long bits of well done stand up and intertwining stories. The camera direction is brilliant as well! When you watch the show you’re simply captivated by the way things are shot in long takes, or how C.K. will deliberately take beautiful cityscape shots. This is not “Friends” New York, this is actually New York. No laugh track. Scenes that are filmed in the streets, are filmed in the streets. The season finale had a sweet ending too….and who doesn’t love filthy humor wrapped in a warm bun of heart? Seriously, THAT is what makes a realistic comedy good!

I’m more than a fan of outlandish, surreal, random, slapstick comedy…but I also like down to earth, connectible comedies as well. I think it started with Judd Apatow’s game changer: “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” (more posts on this later) Louie finds that realistic comedy and spices it up with that outlandishness that life does throw at a person, but because it’s not us, we laugh. Yet, while we laugh at the misery and angst happening to him, we also relate, and that makes it all the more funny. Life sucks. We gotta get used to it, so when we see Louie go on a date and utterly fail at sleeping with the woman only to end up fucking another woman that he will later regret, we go….oh….that was really funny, and man have I been there before, dude.

Some episodes aren’t even laugh out loud hilarious….but instead, completely engaging and you can’t turn away. Why? The story and the way the story is being filmed. This is my theory on certain “Futurama” episodes ass well. Sometimes it’s not always hilarious, but the stories they’re telling are like nothing you’ve seen on television before. Your eyes will be glued to the screen wanting to know what happens next. It’s the build. To make another connection, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” uses what I call “the build” incredibly. Things are happening that make you smirk and you know are funny, but it’s not gonna make you laugh out loud. Then, the story gets more engaging and you have to know what happens next, until by the end, an absurd even occurs and your down on the floor, curled up in a ball because of laughter. Louie does exactly that, and the payoff is always so so sweet. I’d give you a list of the very funny guest stars he has on the show as reoccurring roles…but that would just spoil it. Because when you see the episode you’ll go, “how the fuck did you get that guy on your show, Louie?! That’s awesome!”(Also, the second episode dedicates 7 minutes to a scene of men playing poker and discussing gay sex with a gay man….again, a Revolutionary Show is being made)

Here’s a few clips from the show that I find hilarious and all around really well filmed:

Also, to all you comedy fans, don’t forget, next week September 16th an all new glorious season of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA starts!


I Wish My Scanner Worked….

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So, originally I wanted to do a post about two of my new favorite cartoonist: Jason and Tony Millionaire. Unfortunatly, though, my scanner is not working with me and I can’t scan the images of certain Jason stips that I find amazing. So….that post will have to wait. For Tony Millionaire just check out his website:

It’s very surrealist and dark humor, which I have been trying to get into lately for some reason. Surrealism in art has always somewhat interested me, so I figured I might as well give the humor a shot. I haven’t found enough of his stuff yet that I want to post to share with you all yet, but give the website a quick looksee. Within the next week I’ll have some Jason scanned and some Millionaire found and throw my theories about why they work out to y’all who care! Until then, here are some Mickey Mouse composition pieces I started practicing with. When I get some more time I’d like to do a study of Bugs Bunny. Who knows….a crossover could be in the works. Oooooh.

I think the two on the left and the one larger head furned out the best.

The bottom pose was an original, but a classic Mickey move I’ve seen in many of the shorts. Went off it by memory. The other three were poses off model sheets. The top far left turned out right because the Mickey’s body is more curved. The far right pouty Mickey is to rigid. The middle one is mediocre, but the arms should’ve been changed. Practice makes perfect, right?

This sheet is iffy for me. Alot of the Mickey’s here (mainly all of them) are pretty off model. The top far left Mickey is more on model but I made his arm to thick.

I’ve learned that the key to Mickey’s composition is shapes, shapes, shapes! And curvey shapes at that! Some of my Mickey’s are to rigid, when you draw him stiff his personality and cuteness dissapear and he becomes lifeless and uninteresting. You’ll notice, even with the off model sketches, that my more curvey Mickey is far more interesting. So as I continue to study him I need to keep this in mind. Curves-not rigid. Squishy body-not flat. It’s funny…..the image below was the first one I did of Mickey, without these composition model studies. And I think they turned out better than some of the above.

The top left Mickey is a bit to stiff for me, but I think I realized that as I progressed with the other two.

It’s funny, I find that by jumping head first into a character, rather than studying his model sheet is the right way to go. That way, you’re looking at what you see and know, and trying to copy what that other artist has done. By doing this, you obviously will make mistakes, which is the only way to learn, even though it’s infurating, but your own personality seeps through. Once I do this, I go back to the model sheets and see ALL the mistakes I’ve made. By jumping in head first and then going back things blend together much better. If that makes sense. It does for me. I should really think these theories out better before I write them. Realize how to draw the character properly, get that down, and then your own personality can sneak into it.

Something I found Entertaining

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Hands are quite possibly one of the hardest things for me to draw besides a noses, lips, eyes, and…well, I guess it’s all hard for me. But that’s why we practice right? To quote Batman Begins: “Why do we fall, Master Wayne? To pick ourselves back up.” Except in this case I am Master Wayne….excluding the sexy women, nice car, and that whole Batman thing.

Mickey’s great proportions. He looks like you can squeeze him!

Anyway, earlier on in the summer I was doing some basic construction practice studies. I decided to go with Mickey Mouse because he is a giant American Icon (next to Bugs Bunny, who I will be practicing with next). The only problem was, Mickey’s hands were always to big, to small, or just unproportional and unrealistic. Even though you draw a cartoon, a pinch of reality still needs to be there, I feel. The character needs to look like you could squeeze him or her. They need to be three-demensional even though you’re drawing on a two-demonsional plain.

The Disney Hand Model Sheet I used.

In order to draw Mickey, his construction is simple enough, I went back and found an old Disney hand model sheet to look off of. This is the practice paper of hands from the model sheet above:

My drawings of the hand study.

Getting hands right for any character is essential and makes, Mickey especially, look so much more alive. Talk with your character’s hands. That gives you a whole new layer of personality to him or her and makes them stand out on the screen. In a near-future post I want to do some practice studies on hands from the Simpsons because their model sheets are really well done too.

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!